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Case 7.2 Jacksonville - Case 7.2 Jacksonville Shipyards...

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Case 7.2: Jacksonville Shipyards Case 7.2: Jacksonville Shipyards Jamie Rhoads OMM640: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Gardner September 19, 2011
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Case 7.2: Jacksonville Shipyards Read Case 7.2: Jacksonville Shipyards. Answer the following questions and submit your answers to the instructor. Although the behavior of Robinson's male coworkers is morally objectionable, should management attempt to prevent it? Do you accept the claim that the workers have a right to post pictures in the workplace? Is this a personal problem that workers should handle among themselves? In order to have a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees I think that management should attempt to prevent this type of behavior from occurring. If male co-workers are going to make crude remarks about objective female pictures around the workplace, then it is going to make the females feel uncomfortable around them and during their time at work.
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