Diabetes Paper - Stephannie Piske English 1520 Final Paper...

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Stephannie Piske English 1520 Final Paper Childhood Obesity Child obesity is becoming a major problem in the United States and now spreading to other countries such as France, causing them problems as well. Child obesity has doubled in the last two to three decades. In the United States the status is currently one child in five is overweight. In France that status is one child in ten is obese by age ten. It doesn’t matter which race or gender group, it affects all. There are many reasons why children are obese now days. Children tend to stay inside and watch television rather than go outside and play. Video games have become a popular thing to play, which causes kids to sit around and not do much active playing. Children used to play outdoors more and do a lot of physical sports. But technology has hit its peak and has taken some of the active play out. Kids tend to eat more when they are sitting
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reality games, kids don’t need to go outside to have fun anymore. While there are many reasons why children are obese, we know that gene’s are a major reason why they are obese. “Overweight children have a 70 percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adults.” (Torgan, 1) So if you are an overweight child you are giving yourself more than 50 percent chance that you will become an overweight or obese adult. Another reason people think that there is an increase in obese children is changing behavior patterns. “In France they say that “American inventions” such as TV dinners and fast food restraunts are replacing the traditional French meals.” (Borowiec, 2) Mothers are not stay at home mom’s anymore, they have fulltime jobs as do the fathers. So there is no time for home cooked meals. Microwavable dinners and junk food are easy to prepare, so that’s what they eat. When you’re a child
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Diabetes Paper - Stephannie Piske English 1520 Final Paper...

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