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prospectus2 - During my visit I was exposed to many...

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Prospectus During the course of my vacation, I came to face a global issue that in my opinion is of great concern. I went to visit a city of San Jaun located in Puerto Rico and have learned that Puerto Rico does not have its own government. People of Puerto Rico are unable to vote, however they are considered to be under the government of United States. They are only able to vote for their governor. They abide by the laws set by the government of United States but they have no say in any of it. Throughout research I want to learn more about the government of United States and the way it affects Puerto Rico. I believe that any country should have its own government and should be able to vote and have a say in the structure of it.
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Unformatted text preview: During my visit I was exposed to many demonstrations that happened San Juan, which I believe could have been prevented with better structure and influence of government. Therefore, I plan to demonstrate the importance of government in each country and in this case in Puerto Rico in particular and how it affects people as a whole. This is a very major global issue to me because it involves more than one country of the world. It is very significant to find sources that are informative, accurate and are up to date. It will take much research, however it is very important for every one to know where United States stands in relation to other nations and in this case Puerto Rico....
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