Midterm exam - Midterm exam Eng102 western world literature...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm exam Eng102: western world literature Tian Chen 10/11/2011 Topic 3: what might their view be of life in America? What might their view be American man and woman? What do these narratives say about life in our culture? The life, the people and the culture “portrait of my father in his 22ed year”, teenager wasteland” and the play proof, the three narrative all shared the generation gap more or less in the literature. But what I want to focus on this paper is that why these teenagers are confused what social background causes this uncertainty of teenager life. As a foreigner myself, it is not hard to imagine what people from other culture interprets life in American from these literature works. First of all, American life is bitter. The reason is the following. The father is in his 22ed year, as the poem described him as embarrassing young man, holds a spiny yellow perch in one hand and in the other hand a bottle of Carlsbad beer. He tried to be bold by “wear his old hat cocked over his ear……but the eyes give him away.” American people give outsiders the impressions that they are fearless. they resolve every obstacles to be successful. But the reality is that they are human. They have emotion too. They have their embarrassing time too, when they are not sure about who they really are. At the end of the poem, Raymond carver once again describes what he saw in his father’s 22 nd picture. “But the eyes give him away, and the hands that limply offer the string of dead perch and the bottle of beer.” This time the perch is no longer spiny yellow, it is now dead. But Raymond still thank her father for being a true man to him because himself also “cannot hold liquor and don’t even know the places to fish.” In the view of people from developing country, American means high technology, economic booming, people who drive nice cars and lives in a fancy house, have vacations all year round. But it is not true. The beautiful thing about literature is that it is a universal feeling....
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Midterm exam - Midterm exam Eng102 western world literature...

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