Parent - Parent/Child Relqationships Generations and...

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This module deals with the complex relationships between parents and children. Sometimes the narratives are from the child's perspective and others are from a parental point of view. In each narrative, the author is trying to prove a point about the represented relationships and send a message to the reader. One of your tasks as apprentice critics will be to find those messages. All of the readings which are not in your text book will be found here. Sometimes other resources have been added when they were available. ? ? ? · ? ? (RAMOND CARVER) ( 1938—1988 ) , “ ? ? ? ? ? 纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 ?           ”? ? 纪纪 纪纪 ? ? 纪纪纪 纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 ”? ? 纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 “? ? ? ? 纪纪 ”?  ? ? ? 纪纪纪纪纪 纪纪纪纪 ”? 纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 “? ? 纪纪纪纪 纪纪纪纪·纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪“ 纪纪纪”纪“纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪”纪“纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪”纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪“纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪”纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 纪纪纪·纪纪 纪纪纪纪纪纪“纪”纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪纪 The Theme of Raymond Carver's poem "Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year" Growing up we all had expectations of who we should be imposed upon us by our parents. Whether or not we achieved those expectations upon reaching adulthood isn't really the final outcome. There is a greater lesson learned regardless of how we benefited from the imposition. And that realization is what truly shapes our final character. Raymond Carver entertains this topic in his poem, "Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-second Year." In this poem Carver provides us with a beautifully touching slice of life that is not only flawless in writing and technique, but that connects and emotionally evokes feelings that are universal in all readers. The poem begins by bluntly stating that the month is October. A young man is standing in a kitchen that he describes as "Here in this dank, unfamiliar kitchen" (1). Even though this is a very brief, vague description, the reader gets the feeling that the young man knows this kitchen very well, yet not like he once remembered it. T. .. ... middle of paper .
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Parent - Parent/Child Relqationships Generations and...

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