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Q - in the fall In Chinese culture leaves fall is a sad...

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Q&Q Response Paper Tian Chen 10/02/2011 Response paper How your feelings affected the world you saw I really like this poem. it is unlike the other poem I have read before. This poem is so peaceful. It starts with early morning yellow flower. This scene is peaceful quiet and kind of happy. Then the poet jump to his impression of drunkards in Mexico. I guess yellow flower in the morning remind of the happy days he have when he was drunk in Mexico. “No more telegram today, only more leaves fall” I guess it is hard for you to wait for a telegram
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Unformatted text preview: in the fall. In Chinese culture, leaves fall is a sad scene. Leaf leave tree and you have to say good bye to your beloved ones. The sadness of separation keeps the author closer to the reader. Then the poem writes about a boy smashing dandelions, which is a normal life scene. Questions American haiku by jack Kerouac 1 why yellow flower can relate to drunkards of Mexico 2...
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