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SEAiT Coordinator - SEAiT Coordinator University of...

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SEAiT Coordinator University of Indianapolis August 2010 – Present (1 year 3 months) Indianapolis, Indiana Area As a SEAiT (Student Employment and Internship Team) Coordinator, I develop relationships with businesses around the Indianapolis area and elsewhere and based on the needs of these companies, locate and fill company internship and employment needs by searching for and interviewing potential candidates. The position also involves researching internship opportunities for fellow students and helping to plan, organize, and promote SEAiT events and programs. Alyssa Brown's Experience Team Business Human Resources Manager University of Indianapolis August 2010 – Present (1 year 3 months) Team Business is the student employee program within the School of Business at the University of Indianapolis. As the Human Resources Manager, I oversee student schedules as well as aid the team members in filing the correct paper work and handle general HR issues. I also help track payroll spending. Student Intern Coordinator University of Indianapolis School of Business October 2008 – December 2010 (2 years 3 months) Meet with employers about possible internships Connect students with employers Pre-interview candidates for internships Refer candidates for internships to employers University of Indianapolis April 2011 – Present (7 months) I am the manager of a program under the School of Business that seeks to connect with incoming freshmen for the purpose of engaging them and helping them assimilate into the School of Business. Jennifer S. Marketing Communication Manager at University of Indianapolis, School of Business, Team
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Business Jennifer was an established leader in Team Business when I joined the force in January 2010. As respectable and knowledgeable team member, I have watched Jennifer create promotional materials in the matter of a few short hours to be distributed to the entire campus of the University of Indianapolis. I am daily impressed by her level of professionalism and expertise. When I need marketing/communication advice in the future, Jen will be the first individual I contact. January 24, 2011 Mackenzie (Project Manager, SEAiT at University of Indianapolis ) worked directly with Jennifer at University of Indianapolis, School of Business, Team Business Mackenzie K. Student Internship Coordinator at University of Indianapolis - School of Business Mackenzie began a semester after I did, and quickly established herself as a dedicated leader within the group. Her passion to go beyond what is asked of her shows everyday. Mackenzie has taken the SEAiT program that she heads up to an entirely different level of professionalism and management since she became the manager. Many students have her to thank for their internships and jobs. She is definitely sculpting SEAiT into a successful program that benefits all School of Business students. January 22, 2011 Chelsey S.
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