CHEM31EX1Key_2010 - Name __ __ _ 1. Which of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Name __ __ _ 1. Which of the thermodynamic quantities below is not a state function? A. E D. P E. V 2. A gas is allowed to expand, at constant temperature, from a volume of 1.0 L to 10.1 L against an external pressure of 0.50 atm. If the gas absorbs 2501 of heat from the surroundings, what are the values of q, w, and Llli? q w 8E 250J -460J -210 J (!) B. -250 J -460J -710 1 C. 250J 460J 7101 D. -250 J 460J 2101 E. 250J -4.55 ] 245 J 3. Given the thermochemical equation: l1I-f,xn = -198kJ What is the enthalpy change (l1lf) for the decomposition of one mole of S03 into S02 and 0 2 ? f i ll A. -99kJ fv.,1) B. -198 kJ (iN... Mft.. SC.3 ; J _1 J 1 : Dr)" c. 396 kJ z.. D. 198 kJ @ 99kJ _____ __ i 4. To which of the following reactions occurring at 25 DC does the symbol refer? A. H(g) + N(g) + 0 3 (g) - HNq (l) o 1I2H2 (g) + 1 /2N 2 (g) + 3/2q (g) - HNq (l) C. D. HNq(l)-H(g)+N(g)+30(g) E. llz (g) + N2 (g) + q(g) - HNq(l) 5. In the photoelectric effect it is found that the of light shining on a metal must be above a minimum value for an electron to be ejected from the metal. Q frequency B. wavelength C. intensity D. speed 6. For the hydrogen atom, the square of the electron wavefunction jlpl2 tells us: A. the charge on the electron. the charge on the electron....
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CHEM31EX1Key_2010 - Name __ __ _ 1. Which of the...

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