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Name __ The four questions below all refer to the reaction: 2NO(g) + 02(g) 2N0 2 (g) l. If is 0.033M/s, what is A. -0.066 Mis - Y C/At:;kwJ- B. +0.066 Mis 01- los . CNCA.1 rv-fal WO L C. -0.033 Mis ... 'M. ..... -0.017 Mis ® E. +0.017 Mis 2. The rate law is found to depend only on the concentration of NO, and the rate constant has units M-1s- l . Consequently the rate law must be )t A. third order fl. .h. ": k r lVo J second order .!:) ..J. c. first order S ' D. zero order 3. When plotted versus time, which quantity would yield a straight line? A. In [NO] exp(-[NO]) G) [NOr l D. [NO] M '&. \A " ''b 4. Why would the concentration of 02 have no effect on the rate and not appear in the rate law? A. The activation energy for 02 to react must be very high. 0 2 must be an intermediate. o ° 2 must react in an elementary step after the rate-determining step. The concentration of O 2 must be very small. -- .---- - -
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___ 5. The decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide by the reaction 2N 2 0 S - 4N0 2 (g) + 02(g) is a first order reaction. In the organic solvent carbon tetrachloride at 45°C, the half-life of this reaction is 24 min. How many minutes would it take for the amount of N 2 0 S to fall to 118 of its initial A. cO;;:::iOn? ' 1,- (!) 72min .L _ (..!. c. 48 min - ) S V .". .. •• J D. min ho-ll .lrk 6. The reaction was studied and the following data were obtained: Initial Rate 1 0.060M 0.030M 0.0248 Mis 2 0.020M 0.00276 Mis 3 0.090M 0.00828 Mis Which of the rate laws below best describes this set of data? Ex!?t. # ")1.1'+ i .,t A. Rate = k[Cl0 2 ] C u.o&1. b't 1) B. = 2 ][0l1] q C.
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CHEM31EX3key_2010 - _ Name T he four questions below all r...

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