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Topic IV Bonding I PostAK

Topic IV Bonding I PostAK - why the fulminate ion would be...

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-- - ----- Topic IV- Bonding I Post Problem In the group problem you considered the cyanate ion NCO-, which is stable. In contrast, the fulminate ion CNO- (with nitrogen the central atom) is unstable and forms explosive compounds. Draw Lewis resonance structures for the fulminate ion analogous to those you drew for the cyanate ion, and determine the formal charges. On this basis, explain
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Unformatted text preview: why the fulminate ion would be predicted to be less stable and more reactive than the cyanate ion. r c : ±±±±±± , ±±±±± ±±±±±±±±± p ±± ± ±±±±± ±± ±±-l .\ -I -2. ±±± ... \) - 3 +, +)...
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