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Topic V Bonding II preAK - on the carbons Based on the...

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Topic V - Bonding II Pre-class Problem Allene is an unusual organic molecule in that it has two double bonds connected to the same central carbon: As depicted above, the central carbon is connected to two other carbons, which are each bonded to two hydrogens. . Draw the Lewis dot structure for allene. Identify the orbital hybridization and geometry at each carbon. Next sketch a valence bond orbital depiction of this molecule: first draw the sigma bonds, and then form the pi bonds from the remaining unhybridized p orbitals
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Unformatted text preview: on the carbons. Based on the structure and orbital picture you have deduced, what would you predict for the molecular geometry? Is the molecule planar or not? How are the two CH 2 groups oriented with respect to each other? S 6' I I CI 0 0 p ""J , \4 ±± ±±±±±±±±-C ±±±±±± .-""" S,\.) ±± ±±±±±±±± ±±---_ .. .... ------_ ... _ _ .---------- - ------_ ._-_....
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