41Lsyll_fall10_with hw_Friday Lab

41Lsyll_fall10_with hw_Friday Lab - Fall 2011 Math41L...

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Fall 2011 Math41L Homework Syllabus (Friday Lab) Textbook: Calculus: Concepts and Contexts (4th ed), by James Stewart D a y T o p i c H o m e w o r k 1-2 Review of AP AB p.164/7a,9,14,16;p.165 (bottom)/1,3,9,10,13; Differentiation topics p.166/29,33; p.167/42,43,45;171/11; p.309/56. 1-3 Introduction to Probability handout cspk p.91/9-15; maple tutorial. 1-4 Expected Value handout cspk p.97/7-13; complete m a p l e . t u t o r i a l . 1-5 Lab: L'Hopital's Rule and 4.5/1,5,6,11,12,17,31,61,63,64,72; Relative Rates of Growth finish relative rates of growth activity. 2-2 Introduction to sequences 8.1/5-10,46,47,49,51,52; and series 8.2/1,2,4,5,7,8 ,9,10,44,47. 2-3 Lab: Prob. & geometric series 8.2/6,11,14,15,17,35,36,41,43,44 ,49,50,53,54. 2-4 Lab: Riemann Sums 2-5 Lab: Riemann Sums 5.1/2,13,15; complete lab exercises. 3-2 Definition of the integral 5.2/9,11,17-20,33,35,38-43,47,48,53 . 3-3 Mean Value Thm and the 4.3/1,63; 5.3/6,15,19,22,30,31,32,51, Fund.Thm of Calculus Pt. I 53,69,73,74. 3-4 Fund Thm of Calculus Pt. II 5.4/1,2,4-8,11,14,16,22,31 ,33. 3-5 Lab: Review of AP AB 4.8/7,12,13,18,32,35,50, 51; 6.2/3,9,16, 20,25,26,34; 6.5/3,7,12,14,16,21. Integration topics 4-2 u-substitution 5.5/5,12,18,20,29 ,44,47,52,57,61, 65,67,68,70,71; 6.5/19. 4-3 Partial fractions 5.7/21-24,32.
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41Lsyll_fall10_with hw_Friday Lab - Fall 2011 Math41L...

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