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Duke University Math 4LL.O9: Intro to Calc II September 27r 2011 Practice Exarn 2 o Do not open this test booklet until you are directed to do so. Do sign and print your name at the bottom of this page right now. o You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. If you finish early go back and check your work. o This exam is closed book and closed notes. Calculators, laptops, cell phones, etc., are not allowed. However, you are allowed to use one handwritten crib sheet no bigger than 8|" x II". o Throughout the test, show your work so that your reasoning is clea.r. Numerical arrswers should be exact and need not be simplified. Circle your answers for clarity. The last page is left blank for scratch work. r Suggestion: don't spend too much time on any one problem. Do whichever problems are easiest for you first. A " swel- YruY
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1. You wish to determine if substance A causes cancer B. Patients who are not exposed to substance A only have a 5% chance of getting cancer B. You decide to take 100 random patients that have been exposed to substance A and will conclude that the substance does indeed cause cancer B if. I or more of them have cancer B. If the substance has no effect, what is the probability that you will end up incorrectly concluding that it is harmful? Let X be the random variable given by the number of patients out of 100 that have cancer B and assume it is normally distributed with rnean 5 and standard deviation 2. Use the table below which gives approximate values of the integral lyffi--i"'*(I, , / fq,eorrt v,oriolle o(z) : + [" "-i'"d, =. [email protected]/<
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Handout_11_Solutions - Duke University Math 4LL.O9 Intro to...

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