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Maple Take Home Test Math 41L Fall 11 name __________________________ # Use to answer the questions below. You may also use the text, Maple tutorial or your Maple class notes, but you should not talk to any one other than the instructor about these questions until after the assignment is due. Attach to this cover sheet, a worksheet in which you solve the problems below and Maple explain your reasoning so that someone who hasn't read the problem can follow your reasoning. Make sure your name is on any additional paper you hand in. I will adhere to the Duke Community Standard in completing this assignment. :___________________________________ Signature 1. The ratio test can be used to show that converges. ! 8o" _ " 8x (a) Explain why, if , that Ÿ + + ' " 8" 8 (b) Use part (a) to find an upper bound on the error when is used to estimate the sum.
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Unformatted text preview: W & (c) Compute the actual error when is used to estimate the sum. W & (You can use this to check your answer for (b), but not to obtain an answer for (b)). 2. Use Euler's method to estimate ( ) if and and (give C % o CÐ"Ñ o " > o Þ!" .C .> > C " " ? your answer correct to 3 decimal places). Is this an over or underestimate? (Note: To prevent excess printing, you can suppress Maple output by using a colon " : " at the end of a line. ) 3. Let 0ÐBÑ o o ! B! otherwise if %B/ #B (a) Show that is a pdf . (b) Find the mean of the distribution. (c) Which is bigger the mean or the median of the distribution? Explain. (d) Find the standard deviation of the distribution. 4. Find the center of mass of the region bounded by the curve , ln and = C o B C o # ÐB "Ñ # B o "Þ...
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