Exam II Topics

Exam II Topics - Be Careful with flowers, carotids, etc...

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Calc Exam II 7.7 – Improper Integrals Convergence and Divergence of Integrals 8.1 – Length of Curves Compute Integral - Formulas Given 9.1 – Separateable Differential Equations Straight Forward 9.2 – Models Involving Solving for Constants, etc. Check for given equations 11.1 – Parametric Equations Slope of tangent line – 11.2 – Curve in x-y Plane Equations Given 11.3 – Polar coordinates Converting to regular coordinates 11.4 – Area and Arc length in Polar Coordinates Equations given
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Unformatted text preview: Be Careful with flowers, carotids, etc 10.1 Infinite Series limit of sequences - o *squeeze theorem could show up bounded sequences solving for M 10.2 Summing an Infinite Series o Telescoping Series 10.3 Convergence of Series with Positive Terms Integral Test P-series Comparison Test Limit Comparison Test 10.4 Series with Positive and Negative Terms Absolute / Conditional Convergence Leibnitz Test...
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