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Bone Quiz Study Guide - 2. Appendicular Functions of Bones...

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ANATOMY OF LONG BONE PIC* Bone Markings -Sites of attachment for muscles, tendons, ligaments MATCHING SECTION [FRONT PAGE] 1. Spine Sharp, slender projection 2. Tubercle Small, rounded projection 3. Tuberosity Large, rounded projection 4. Head Structure supported on neck 5. Ramus Armlike projection 6. Condyle Rounded, convex projection 7. Meatus Canal-like Structure 8. Foramen Opening through a bone 9. Fossa Shallow Depression 10. Sinus Air-Filled Cavity 11. Trochanter Large, Irregular shaped projection Parts of the Skeletal System 1. Bones 2. Joints 3. Cartilages 4. Ligaments Subdivisions of Skeleton 1. Axial
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Appendicular Functions of Bones 1. Support the body 2. Protect internal organs 3. Allow Movement 4. Store minerals and fats 5. Blood cell formation Two Types of Bone Tissue 1. Compact 2. Spongy Classification of Bones 1. Long Bones Longer than wide Head and shaft Mostly compact bone 2. Short Bones Cube Shape Mostly Spongy Bone 3. Flat Bone Thin, flat, usually curved Compact, Spongy, Compact 4. Irregular Bone Irregular Shape Hip, Vertebrae Osteocyte- Bone Cell Osteoblasts- Bone Forming Cell Osteoclasts- Bone Destroying Cells...
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Bone Quiz Study Guide - 2. Appendicular Functions of Bones...

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