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The Scientific Method What is Science? - Everything we know about the natural world - Patterns (rules of nature we see repeating) from which we can make ‘predictions’ (hypotheses) and test them with more ‘observations’ and ‘experiments’ - All knowledge gained through the ‘scientific method’ What is NOT Science? What does a scientist REALLY do? Cosmological Observations: Universe (distance between galaxy clusters) is expanding from a single point in space cosmic microwave background radiation (1964)
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Origin of Everything The Big Bang (~13 billion yrs ago) Initially all mass and energy in one point Explosion and expansion (cause?) Cools as it expands Locally clumps due to gravitational attraction (accretion) General Trend: Homogeneous Heterogeneous Big Bang Nebula Galaxy e.g. Milky Way Solar system Planets e.g. Earth The Nebular Hypothesis After 1 billion yrs. of cooling, cloud of gas and space dust began to contract due to gravity. Forms Nebuli This generates heat and starts up thermonuclear reactions in stars. Nucleosynthesis – building of heavier atoms Fusion: 1 H + 1 H 2 He 2 He + 2 He + 2 He 6 C…up to 26 Fe Supernova Explosions heavier elements Our galaxy formed after numerous supernova explosions (Milky Way ~ 10bya) Rotating mass of gas and dust, held together by gravity Concentrations of nuclear reactions becomes our
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2-OcFA11-OriginsWeb - What is Science Everything we know...

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