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Summary The article “Update 5: Government Shutdown in Puerto Rico to End” by Manuel Ernesto Rivera shows some issues in Puerto Rico because of its government’s structure. Because Puerto Rico does not make and pass their own laws they have to turn to a lawmaking commission and have everything approved through another government. In May 2006 Puerto Rico government experienced a shutdown of about 43 agencies and 1600 public school because of a budget deficit. Puerto Rico being a commonwealth country is found to be taking out loans to end this shutdown with no exact solution as to how to repay the loans. It would make sense that because Puerto Rico is considered to be under the United States government they would be able to charge sales tax to help with
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Unformatted text preview: the budget. However, the sales tax was not permitted and lawmakers in charge did not approve it. (I found this to be a very interesting article because it outlines government issues that could be avoided and resolved without the commonwealth country of Puerto Rico taking out loans to “close the budget gap” and to pay salaries of government workers such as teachers with proper government officials and proper voting system, lawmaking system. If Puerto Rico really is under the influence of United States, why is it that United States would not allow for sales tax that would make Puerto Rico stand on its feet a little steadier?) Original Article is found at:
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