Exam 2 LTM retrieval

Exam 2 LTM retrieval - LTM: Encoding & Retrieval LTM...

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LTM: Encoding & Retrieval 1 Encoding : Process of acquiring information and transferring it to LTM Retrieval : Process of transferring information from LTM to WM WM LTM ENCODING RETRIEVAL LTM Processes Kinds of rehearsal Maintenance rehearsal Repeating information over and over Maintains information in WM Elaborative rehearsal Uses meaning to help encoding Transfers information to LTM Encoding Craik & Watkins (1973) Asked people to listen for words beginning with ”S" Discard old one, rehearse new one Recall all words beginning with “s” send , open, word, soul , cash, sign , task, door, clam, wand, duck, sink , sell , four, horn, cat, foot, sound , arm, drug, push Maintenance Rehearsal
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2 Results: Words rehearsed longer were not recalled better Conclusion: Maintenance rehearsal does not guarantee that the information will be ________________________ Levels of Processing Theory The depth at which we process information during encoding determines how well we recall it. Shallow processing Deep processing Levels of Processing Theory Craik & Tulving (1975) Presented nouns one at a time, and one of three types of questions: Shallow processing : Is the word in capital letters? Less shallow processing
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Exam 2 LTM retrieval - LTM: Encoding & Retrieval LTM...

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