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Exam 3 study guide - EXP 3604 Study Guide for Exam#3 The...

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EXP 3604: Study Guide for Exam #3 The list below is derived from topics covered in class and/or in the book. As you review the topics, prepare to do the following: definitions, compare and contrast, advantages versus disadvantages, application of concepts to new situations, and description of relevant experiments. For each of the experiments, you should know the method, the results, and the significance or conclusions of the study. Note: You should also review the relevant "new terms" listed at the end of each chapter. Knowledge and Categorization Categories and concepts Definitions and functions How are objects placed into categories? Sentence verification task Definitional approach (feature comparison model) Defining vs. characteristic features Two stages in verification Problems Prototype approach Graded structure Properties of prototypical members Family resemblance Rosch & Mervis (1975) Typicality effect Naming Priming Rosch (1975b; pp. 245-246) Exemplar approach Advantages Hierarchical organization of categories Global, basic, and specific-level categories Why basic-level is special How expertise influences categorization Tanaka & Taylor (1991) Semantic Networks and Connectionism Semantic network approach Collins & Quillian (1969) How concepts are represented Nodes, links, relevant principles Sentence verification experiments Spreading activation Meyer & Schvaneveldt (1971) Lexical decision In-class demo Problems with the model
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Exam 3 study guide - EXP 3604 Study Guide for Exam#3 The...

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