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Production Project 1

Production Project 1 - Allison Wronka Section 3582...

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Allison Wronka Section # 3582 Production Project Fences : Act II Scene 2 1. Rose, roses are the symbol of love and purity and Rose is the embodiment of a rose, she never cheated on her marriage and always stayed faithful to her husband Troy, even though he had an affair with another woman. 2. Rose had just found out that Troy was having an affair even though Rose was faithful for 18 years. This scene takes place 6 months later and it is the first time Rose has spoken to Troy since she got the news of his unfaithfulness. Rose realizes that Troy hasn’t been coming straight home from work and wants to confront him about it. 3. The “moment before” actually took place 6 months earlier. Troy had confessed to Rose that he was having an affair with Alberta and Rose tells Troy that he disrespected her and their marriage even though she was nothing but faithful to him. Troy gets angry and goes after Rose but is stopped by his son, Cory. This moment makes me very upset because Troy is clearly disrespecting Rose but he doesn’t think he is. I was glad Cory tried to
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