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Production project 2 - hourglass which I incorporated into...

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Allison Wronka THE2000 Section #3582 Production Project 2 For my project I chose to do a costume design. I decided to focus on the character Rose from the play, Fences . More specifically I chose to design her costume for Act II Scene 2. In this scene, it’s six months after Troy tells Rose that he is having an affair with Alberta and that she is pregnant. I wanted to create an outfit for Rose that captures the essence of her pain yet also her strength to continue caring for her children and even Troy. This play takes place in 1957 so I researched women’s clothing in the 50’s. I discovered that almost all women wore dresses. The dresses were long and usually consisted of a swing skirt and wide collar. Housewives typically wore a wrap style dress which was my inspiration for Rose’s costume. My design for Rose’s costume depicts the time period, her financial situation, her environment, her work, and her personality. The popular silhouette of the 50’s was the
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Unformatted text preview: hourglass which I incorporated into Roses costume with the wrap design. The wrap dress is also a casual dress that is great to wear when doing house work. Since the Maxson family did not have a lot of money and they lived in a warm climate, and had a dirty lawn I wanted the make the fabric something cheap, light, and can be easily cleaned. The best fabric choice for this is cotton. Most importantly, I wanted to incorporate Roses personality into the design. Rose is a kind-hearted yet very strong woman. I wanted to show that Rose still dresses nice to please herself instead of pleasing her cheating husband, Troy. The dress shows that she still likes to be well presented yet still lets her go about taking care of her family comfortably. For the color of the dress, I chose a light pink to match her name, Rose, and also because I think its a good color to show her good nature. Resources:
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Production project 2 - hourglass which I incorporated into...

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