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Tables Excel is a tables program, not a database program (Access) When dealing with databases: o Column = field o Column header = field name o Row = record Select everything and go to insert, table o Lots of stuff changes o Drop down boxes next to field names o Zebra striping When you scroll down the field names replace the column labels You can add more columns or rows by dragging the lower right corner Design Tab o Table Style Options o First/Last column just bolds the first or last column (or both) o You can add a total row and do subtotals Name box for table is in upper-left hand corner Tables are good for adding new data o Go to the last row and hit tab to add a new row (record) Add batman rise of the dark knight If you right click in any empty cell (i.e. Distributor) you get a drop down list of previous entries You can use remove duplicates in the design tab to get rid of any accidental duplicates
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Unformatted text preview: Filtering table data o Click on the field name and you can select whichever ones you want from the drop down o You can filter multiple fields at the same time Click on data tab and go to clear to unfilter everything Custom filter o Go to drop down, text filter, custom filter (Harry Potter*) This will show all movies containing the words Harry Potter Sorting by Budget: o Click on budget, sort largest to smallest If you click on any cell in the total row they all have drop downs o There are tons of options: sum, count, etc Say you want total Budget for all universal films o =sumif(Movies[Distributor], “Universal”, Movies[Budget]) To add new column click on top right cell outside of table and enter an equation o If you change the formula for one cell it changes it for all in the column Convert to range changes it back from a table to normal data...
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