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2000_FALL_BLAW_301_LEC_X1 - The University of Alberta...

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The University of Alberta Faculty of Business Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law BUSINESS LAW 301, X1 Fall Term 2000 Professor: Ross G. Bradford Office: 4-21C Business Classroom: BUS 1-05 Office Hours: T.B.A. Telephone: (office) 492-5819 Class Time: M 1830-2130 Telephone: (residence) 433-3289 Website: http://courses.bus.ualberta.ca/blaw301-bradford E-Mail: [email protected] COURSE EVALUATION 1. Mid-term Examination 30% 2. Assignment 35% 3. Final Examination 35% ASSIGNMENT : Giles v. Wooton (see end of course outline ) Question: How would you decide this case? TEXTBOOKS Required: Yates et al., Business Law in Canada, Alberta Version, 1999, Prentice Hall. Reference (optional): Willes, Contemporary Canadian Business Law, McGraw Hill. Smyth and Soberman, The Law of Business Administration in Canada. S.A. Waddams, Introduction to the Study of Law, Carswell. P.W. Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada, Carswell.
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Blaw 301, X1 - Course Outline Fall 2000 Instructor: Ross Bradford ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G.L. Gall, The Canadian Legal System, Carswell. S.M. Waddams, The Law of Contract, Canada Law Book Ltd. C.A. Wright and A.M. Linden, Canadian Tort Law, Butterworths. A.M. Linden, Canadian Negligence Law, Butterworths. A.G. Guest, Anson's Law of Contract, Oxford University Press (on reserve). COURSE OUTLINE Topic Readings in Yates The Law and the Legal System Ch. 1, pp. 2-9 The Judicial System Ch. 1, pp. 30-48 The Constitution Ch. 1, pp. 10-29 Intentional Torts Ch. 2, pp. 81-96 Unintentional Torts Ch. 2, pp. 96-118 Legal Relationship Ch. 3, pp. 124-139 Ch. 4, pp. 163-165 Consideration Ch. 3, pp. 139-145 Legal Capacity
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2000_FALL_BLAW_301_LEC_X1 - The University of Alberta...

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