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BUSINESS LAW 301 Legal Foundations of the Canadian Economy Fall 2009 Instructor: Jeffrey Bone (B.A., LL.B.) LEC A4 : MWF 12:00-12:50 BUS 3 5 Office: TBA Telephone: TBA Email: TBA Course Objectives: 1. To introduce students to the Canadian legal system. 2. To gain a basic understanding of areas of law relevant to business, particularly in the context of risk management. 3. To critically analyze legal problems arising in business. 4. To apply basic legal principles in a business context. 5. To recognize when the advice of a legal professional should be sought and to communicate the issues. Course Materials Mitchell McInnes, Ian Kerr, J. Anthony VanDuzer & Chi Carmody, Managing the Law: The Legal Aspects of Doing Business Second Edition (Toronto: Prentice Hall, 2007). Study guide may be found at: www.pearsoned.ca/mcinnes Lecture slides are posted on uLearn : https://ulearn.ualberta.ca/webapps/login/ Course Assessment You will be graded on your ability to 1. analyze factual situations and 2. solve legal problems in a business context. The exams will comprise a mixture of multiple-choice and true/false questions and potentially
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2009_Fall_B_Law_301_Lec_A4 - BUSINESS LAW 301 Legal...

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