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2011_Winter_B%20LAW_301_LEC_B4_Peterson - BUSINESS LAW 301...

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1 BUSINESS LAW 301 B4 Legal Foundations of the Canadian Economy Course Outline Winter Term 2011 University of Alberta, Faculty of Business Department of Marketing, Business Economics & Law Instructor: Douglas Peterson Time: T/TH 12:30 – 13:50 Class Room: Bus 2-5 Office: 1-33 Business Building Telephone: 492-7578 Fax: 492-7578 E-mail: [email protected] Web Site: https://ulearn.ualberta.ca Office Hours: By appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to give an introduction to, and an overview of, three major areas of law generally encountered in business and commercial law 1. Canadian Legal System 2. Contract 3. Tort Law as an academic subject places somewhat different demands on a student than would be encountered in many other university courses. It requires that the student be able to communicate clearly and effectively even when dealing with fact situations in which there is not always a clear right or wrong answer.
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