2010_Fall_Blaw_301_Lec_A4 - BUSINESS LAW 301: LEGAL...

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BUSINESS LAW 301: LEGAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE CANADIAN ECONOMY FALL 2010: COURSE OUTLINE University of Alberta, School of Business Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law Instructor: Chelsea McKay, BCom, LLB Classes: MWF: 12:00-12:50, Room BUS 3-05 E-mail: TBA in class Office Hours: By Appointment Course Overview This course is designed to provide an overview of the Canadian legal system, and two primary areas of law related to business and commercial situations: contracts and torts. As areas of law often overlap, the following topics may be briefly touched upon: criminal law, marketplace legislation, commercial law, purchase and sales of businesses, and trust law. Time permitting, the course will cover the basic forms of business organization and the pros and cons of these different structures. Studying the law requires independent thinking and critical analysis to identify potential risk situations and legal problems in a business situation. Students must be able to communicate thoughtful analysis and the application of legal principles where a clear right and wrong answer to the situation may not be applicable. Required Textbook
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2010_Fall_Blaw_301_Lec_A4 - BUSINESS LAW 301: LEGAL...

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