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Uof A, School of Business BUSINESS LAW 301, Winter Term 2006, Sections B3 & B4 Section B3 T/TH 0930 – 1050 Section B4 T/TH 1230 - 1350 Instructor: Hilary Tanasichuk Barrister & Solicitor Office: School of Business Hub Mall Telephone: 492-2631 Email: [email protected] Course Content and Objectives: In this course students will be introduced to the Canadian legal system with a selected study of Constitutional legal foundations, business organization, contracts and tort law. Upon completion of this course students should be able to recognize the parameters of the law that apply to many business situations and be able to take steps to manage the risk of business decisions predicated on analysis of the applicable law. Required Texts : Mitchell McInnes, et al.; Managing the Law: The Legal Aspects of Doing Business , 2003, Pearson Education Canada Inc., Prentice Hall, Toronto. Recommended Texts: Gall, Gerald; The Canadian Legal System , 5 th Edition, 2004, Thomson Carswell, Scarborough, Ontario. Klar Lewis: Tort Law , 3 rd Edition, 2003, Thomson Carswell, Scarborough, Ontario Grading: Students will be required to participate in class discussion. Three examinations will be written and your performance will be graded on your ability to analyze factual situations and solve legal and business problems. A combination of multiple choice and true/false questions will be utilized to assess your knowledge and comprehension of the material. EXAMINATION SCHEDULE The first midterm examination will be written during class time on Thursday February 2, 2006. This examination will be worth 30% of your final grade.
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2006_WINTER_BLAW_301_LEC_B3 - Uof A School of Business...

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