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HOW TO TAKE A FANKHAUSER MICROBIOLOGY COURSE Page 3 David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D., Professor of Biology/Chemistry U.C. Clermont College, Batavia, OH 45103 rvsd. 20Sep93, 27Mar95, 15Sep95, 23Sept96, 19Sept97, 31Mar98, 29June98, 10June99, 9Sept99, 19Sept00, 25Mar02, 3Jan03, 1July04, 22June07, 1July09, 28June10 this requirement, see the instructor immediately. Course work in chemistry and mastery of algebra are also critical. STUDY HABITS: COMPLETE READING ASSIGNMENTS PRIOR TO CLASS: To benefit maximally from this college course, you must possess the requisite study habits. Disciplined completion of assigned reading before each lecture will improve your comprehension, allow us more freedom for class discussions and increase our joy in learning. Slacking off until test time turns interesting assignments into drudgery. ATTENDANCE is crucial and attendance records will be kept. Missing even one class will put you out of synchrony with the class, short-change your education and doubtless cost you points on the next test. CELL PHONES: Turn off your cell phones and put them away! AND PLEASE. ..no texting during class. CLASS NOTES:
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