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STUDY GROUPS: TOWARDS EFFECTIVE PEER TO PEER EDUCATION page 4 David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Chemistry U.C. Clermont College, Batavia OH 45103 20 Sept 1994, rvsd 11Nov 95, 23Sept96, 2Jan97, 26Mar97, 6July97, 29June98, 10June99, 18Sept99, 31Dec 99, 28June02, 3Jan03, 19Sept05 http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/Study_Groups.htm An old adage goes "If you want to really learn a subject, teach it to someone." One of the most effective means of learning is to explain material to others and to explore its significance with them. I have contrived a means of encouraging you to engage in this activity so that it rewards you in two ways. First, you will more effectively (and enjoyably?) learn the material. Second, you will be awarded points for this activity which will be added to your cumulative points and raise your score in the course. To form your study group, arrange it so that at least three and up to five persons meet once a week to review and explore material presented in class and/or covered in the assigned readings. Together, read
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