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STUDY GROUP REPORT page 5 rvsd 2 Jan 96, 2Jan 97, 29June98, 18June99, 27Mar00, 31Dec01, 28June02, 3Jan03, 1July04, 14Sept04, 25 Mar 09, 25 June09 http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/Study_Group_Report.htm Date to be turned in: Circle the appropriate date: 18 July 11 1 August11 12 Aug 11 These are the responsibilities of the CHAIRPERSON (in order to earn the Chair’s point): a) List the group members in alphabetical order (same as numerical order of student number). b) Record for each study period the group meets: The date, start time, and at each conclusion, the end . c) At the end of each study session, gather signatures of those students who have been present for the entire session. Indicate a student's partial attendance or absence with a zero in the block ("0"). d) Tally the points: add together 3 points/session add 1 point if they attended all three sessions during the report period. Enter the total points earned in right hand column. Add one point to your (the chairperson’s) tally. Note that this bonus point is
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Unformatted text preview: only conferred if the report is fully and correctly filled out and submitted on time. e) The chairperson should circle his/her name . f) Circle the date on which the report is due. Hand in just before the test is administered.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We, the undersigned students, by way of adhering to the honor code , do affirm by our signatures that the following is an honest record of persons who participated for the full time in each study session. Signed: Assigned student number in alpha-betical order. (One session per week, please.) Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Date: Date: Date: start: end: start: end: start: end: CHAIR: Tally the points earned: Student Name Signatures (please sign at the end of each session ) Topics covered Discuss course reqs Compare Lect notes Drill wordstems Additional questions: (Use back if necessary)...
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