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WORDSTEMS FOR MICROBIOLOGY 281, First Half of the Quarter page 6 Cumulative from 1983-2010. David B. Fankhauser, Prof. These are grouped according to lecture. Be certain to add new words as given in class, and compile them at the back of your notebook INTROD HIST. OF aero- an- anima aria bacillus bacter- bio- coccus -crates con- -cule dextro- dis- -egar etio- fac- flora ferment -gen(ic) hippo- humor iatro- idio- levo- -logy mal- melan- miasma micro- morph- mort- nadir nosocomial omnis pathos UCTION , MICRO. phlegm puerperal putri- scope septic spirillum techni- turbid vin- vint- xyls zym- MICRO achromatic dia- fract- fusion inter- intra- iris milli- nano- ocul- -phragm pico- rheo- -stat GERM acet- anthrax anti- -ase attenuate chol- SCOPE: THEORY demos dys- -emia enter- epi- esthet- gastro- germ hal- Hg HTST in vitro in vivo -itis macro- myco- NAM -obe peps- phago- pox pyo- pyogenes sangui- squam- staphyllo- strepto- tag- thio- -tion vache vinegar vir- MEDIA STERILE auto- -clave EMB EtOH H + hydro- hygro- -philic -phobic q.s. -scopic PROKAR ANAT amphi- -ase buccal calyx cotex -cyte diplo- endo-
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Unformatted text preview: EPS extra-fimbrium flagellum glyc--gram histo-HRF hyper-hypo-in-karyo-PREP, TECH. YOTIC OMY lig-lip-lopho-LPS-monas mono-muco-mur--murium myco-NAG-nema noc-nox-osm-peri-phago-pilus pili plast-pleio poly-pro-pseudo-rxn sacchar-sarcina semi--sis sphero-tonic tox-trepo--trichous ubiquitous Vibrio vulgaris ENZYM Ag allo-apo-en-holo--ide lysis lyso-situ-steric-strate stratum sub--zyme CONJUG gono-HFR leuk-RTF septum trans-META ana-acid aden-alb-ana--ate ATP-bol-butyr-cata-chel-OLOGY ATION: BOLISM-cide de-di--egre enzyme FAD-ferv-fructo-galact-hex--ide-ine iso--mer lacto--mer meta--myces NAD-ose physio-psychro-pyr-sacchar-spir-thermo--yl PLATE aliquot CFU lactis meniscus COUNT FLAG ANAT chemo-con--ella flag-juga--oid pallid penta-peri-taxis tetra-trich-visco-ELLA, OMY Revised 28 June ‘10...
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