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07_Wordstems281B.June10 - typhi-venereal Vibrio vulgaris...

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WORDSTEMS FOR MICROBIOLOGY 281, Second Half of the Quarter page 7 Cumulative from 1983-2010 David B. Fankhauser, Professor of Biology and Chemistry These are grouped according to lecture. Be certain to add new words as given in class, and compile them at the back of your notebook. ANTISEPTICS GROWTH CONTROL Ag -cide cuvette dessicate EMB hal- Hg HTST lact- lys- -ol thio- BACTERIAL GENETICS cis- dogma ex- gen lig- muta- -script -trophic ultra- BACTERIAL DISEASES -algia angio arthro- aureus axillary botul- campylo- caries chlamyd- chron- clappoir coli coryne- crepit- -drome dys- edema -emia enter- erythro- eu- fasc- foll- GI GU Hemophilus inguinal inter- intra- -itis lepto- media meninx -monas my- necro- -nema nephri- NGU -nomy ornitho- oto- pharynx -phtheria pneumo- PPNG pruritis pseudo- psittaci ptom- purul- pyo- pyro- rheum- rhizo- salping-
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Unformatted text preview: typhi-venereal Vibrio vulgaris zoo-VIRUSES agglutin AIDS arborvirus cephalo-corona ECHO flu-gnomic herpes HIV mnem-mumps myxo-ortho-para-pico-re-retro-rhabdo-rhino-Rubella toga TORCH-on virus FUNGI actin-asco-basidio-capitis conidia cruris dermato-fil-gam-gono-hemo-hypha myc-nigri-pedis-phytic pus sapro--tangia tinea zygo-PARASITES adeno-dina-mastigo--phore pleio-sarco-schiz--tomes trich-PATHOGENICITY coll-CPE homeo-LD 50 megaly parenteral per-stella EPIDEMIOLOGY con--drome kerat-MMWR morbidity mort-placebo portal spect-sym-, syn--tag-IMMUNITY attenuate glob-glut-hapt-HCG-kine lymph-phylaxis serum ANTIBIOTICS allo-analog blast-cyst-hepat-poie-terato-Revised 28 June ‘10...
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