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Microbiological Cumulative root words with meanings page 8 David B. Fankhauser, PhD, Professor of Biology and Chemistry, University of Cincinnati Clermont College compiled 28 June 2001, 31 Dec 01, 6 Mar 02, 15 July 02, 11 July 05, 22 June06, 4 June07, 28June10 KEY to topic abbreviations: Abc antibiotics Ana prokaryotic anatomy Dis diseases Enz enzymes Epi epidemiology Flg flagella± Fng fungus Grm germ theory Gth bacterial growth His history of microbiology Imn immunity Mtb metabolism Plt plate count Pst parasites Pth pathogenicity Scp microscope Str sterile technique Vir viruses word root topic meaning acet- Grm vinegar achromatic Scp without color acid Mtb sour, sharp actin- Fng radiate aden- Mtb gland aero- His air, oxygen Ag Enz silver agglutin Vir together stick AIDS Vir Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome alb- Mtb white -algia Dis pain aliquot Plt measured subunit allo- Enz other amphi- Flg both an-, a- His without ana- Mtb upward angio- Dis vessel anima His soul anthrax Grm burning coal anti- Grm against apo- Enz detach arbo- Vir arthropod-borne aria His air arthro- Dis joint asco- Fng sack -ase Grm enzyme -ate Mtb salt ATP Mtb adenosine triphosphate attenuate Grm toward thinness aureus Dis gold auto- Str self axillary Dis armpit bacillus His rod little bacter- His rod basidio- Fng little base, pedestal bio- His life blast- Abc immature, bud -bol- Mtb throw botul- Dis sausage buccal Ana cheek butyr- Mtb butter calyx Ana cup campylo- Dis curved capitis Fng of the head caries Dis rotten cata- Mtb downward cephalo- Vir head cer- Mtd wax CFU Plt colony forming unit chel- Mtb claw chemo- Flg transmutation chlamyd- Dis mantle, cloak chol- Grm bile chrom- Mcr color chron- Dis time -cide Mtb kill cis- Gen cut clappoir Dis brothel -clave Str break coccus His grain coli Dis of the large intestine coll- Pth glue con- Flg together conidia Fng dust corona Vir crown cortex Ana bark Coryn-
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