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Mount this on the front inside cover of your note book: LAB SCHEDULE FOR MICROBIOLOGY 281, FIRST HALF page 9 FIRST NOTEBOOK GRADING, SUMMER QUARTER 2011 http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/Microbiology/Lab_Schedule_First_Half.htm Mount this schedule inside the front cover of your Lab Notebook: DATE LAB TOPICS M 7/4 HOLIDAY. .. W 7/6 Keeping a notebook Intro to Lab Home made Root Beer Use Bacterial smear and staining Oil immersion technique Lab Schedule, Part I [mount: front cover] Handout Table of Contents I [mount:p. i] Lab. Notebook Proc. [mount: page 2] Optional: Format for Table of Contents Use of Contact Paper Notebook Illustrations Sample First Notebook Gradesheet Making Root Beer at Home Index to Micro Slides [mount: page 1] Using and Evaluating Microscope Bacterial Morphology Sample Math Problems, Micro Use of Oil Immersion Objective Equipment for a Micro Work St’n
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