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MICRO LABORATORY NOTEBOOK PROCEDURES page 10 David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D. 14June90, 30Dec95, 4Jan'97, 3Jan98, 22Mar01, 18Sept 01, 24 June 03, 2 Jan 04, 15 Sept04, 31May05, 27June05, 2July10 http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/Keeping_a_Notebook/Notebook_Procedure.htm Book: Use graph-lined, sewn composition notebooks (10" x 7 f ") so that you make a permanent record of your experiments and results. (Avoid glued books.) Pen: Use a permanent black pen with a fine point, such as a Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 (my favorite). These are dark black, permanent, and xerox very well. A pencil or water soluble felt tipped pen are not acceptable. Ball point pens have ink which will dissolve under organic solvents. 1) Mount: a) your printed name and student number on the front of your notebook (worth a point) b) the LAB SCHEDULE I, on the inside of the front cover. Label facing page Lab Schedule II. 2) Number the next 5 pages Roman numerals " ii” to “vi ." Label ii HANDOUT TABLE OF CONTENTS I , mount the current table of contents there. Enter on the lines provided on this table the page in your notebook where each protocol is mounted. Label iii HANDOUT TABLE OF CONTENTS II. 3)
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