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OTHER MICROBIOLOGICAL MEDIA page 27 David B. Fankhauser, PhD 24 June 1990, rvsd 1Feb94, 28Dec94, 7July95, 18Aug95, 1July96, 2July98, 28June01, 3Apr06, 30June 08, 10July09 http://biology.clc.uc.edu/fankhauser/Labs/Microbiology/Media_Prep/Media_Phage.htm The following media have been used in past years, and may be used under some circumstances. These media may be prepared and used for a variety of experiments including propagation of fastidious microorganisms and the propagation, titering and genetic crossing of bacterial viruses (bacteriophage). See the protocol Microbiological Media Preparation for principles and practices of media prep. TRYPTONE GLUCOSE EXTRACT AGAR 14.4 g/600 mL (a Standard Plate Count Agar, for enumeration of bacteria in milk, meat, etc.) Ingredients per liter: Tryptone 5.0 g Beef Extract 3.0 g Dextrose 1.0 g agar 15.0 g TRYPTIC SOY AGAR : 24.0 g/600 mL (Enriched for fastidious organisms) Ingredients per liter: Tryptone (pancreatic digest of casein) 15.0 g Soytone (Papiac soybean meal digest)
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