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Epigenetic programming by maternal behaviour: Things to Note LG stands for licking and grooming, a maternal behaviour female rats exhibit during the first week of pup care. There are natural variations in frequency of this behaviour. ABN – stands for arched-back nursing, a maternal behaviour female rats exhibit during the first week of pup care, with naturally-occurring variations in frequency. GR – glucocorticoid receptor, hippocampal GR exerts negative feedback control on the HPA stress response; the higher the level of GR expression, the higher the feedback sensitivity Corticosterone – a glucocorticoid that is the main stress-regulating hormone in rodents NGFI-A – nerve growth factor-inducible protein A, a transcription factor that binds onto the exon 1 7 promoter region, leading to GR gene expression HPA axis– hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, set of glands and nerve centres which are responsible for generating the stress response CRF – corticotropin-releasing factor, signalling factor released by hypothalamus which activates
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