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ADAM Meets Eph: An ADAM Substrate Recognition Module Acts as a Molecular Switch for Ephrin Cleavage in Trans 1. How was it proven that ADAM10 is the only ADAM family member responsible for ephrin cleavage? 2. In identifying the EphA3 region that provides the ADAM10 interaction interface, how was the binding of ADAM10 significantly reduced? 3. How was it proven that the ADAM10 Cys-rich domain recognizes the
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Unformatted text preview: EphA3/ephrin-A5 complex and not the individual proteins? 4. What was the result of neutralizing the negative electrostatic potential of the acidic surface pocket in the Cys-rich domain of ADAM10? 5. What is ADAM10? a) Ligand b) Receptor c) Enzyme d) Transcription factor...
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