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Biol 430 Seminar Summary 03/12/10 Churchill, a Zinc Finger Transcriptional Activator, Regulates the Transition Between Gastrulation and Neurulation Overview: Churchill is a highly conserved zinc finger containing protein expressed prior to the mid blastula transition, specifically in the prospective neural plate. It is a transcriptional activator which acts as a switch to regulate the function of Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs), a group of growth factors with multiple roles in embryological development. The action of Churchill allows incompatible but critical functions of FGF to occur very closely together in time and space during development. It is involved in cell ingression through the primitive streak – gastrulation. Results: Initially, FGF activates mesodermal markers Brachyury and Tbx6 , in addition to the preneural markers ERNI and Sox3 . The presence and action of the mesodermal markers instigates the gastrulation process.
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