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Churchill questions - DNA binding transcriptional activator...

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Explain the 4 hour lag in the induction of Churchill by FGF. What type of tissue is formed when Sip1 inhibits Brachyury and Tbx6L? a) Mesoderm b) Epiblast c) Neural d) Endoderm Cells expressing Churchill will move normally towards the primitive streak but fail to ingress and form which tissue? a) Mesoderm b) Ectoderm c) Endoderm d) Hypoblast What evidence came out in 2007 that refutes the original observation that Churchill is a
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Unformatted text preview: DNA binding transcriptional activator? How did the GST tag in the original screen used to determine Churchill binds DNA affect the experiment? • When Churchill mRNA is injected into 2-4 cell stage Xenopus embryos, the appearance of the embryos at the neurula stage is similar to embryos injected with a dominant-negative FGF receptor. Why?...
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