March 17. Imaginal Disc Regenerative Growth Questions

March 17. Imaginal Disc Regenerative Growth Questions -...

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BIOL430 Seminar March 17: Regenerative Growth in Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc 1) How was ablation spatially and temporally controlled in the GAL4 enhancer trap system? 2) What is the effect of overexpression Myc? What does this suggest in terms of the role of Myc in regeneration? 3) Describe the pathway involving Wg, Notch, and Myc. What evidence supports
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Unformatted text preview: this cascade? 4) Why is eclosion delayed in larvae ablated discs? 5) TNF is the human ortholog of Drosophila Eiger/Wnt-family genes are evolutionary conserved in human liver and skeletal muscle. What are the possible future medical implications?...
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