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Sample Questions for FOS-1 Promoting Basement Membrane Removal Multiple Choice 1. Which FOS-1A target plays the greatest role in cell invasion? a) cdh-3 b) zmp-1 c) him-4 d) lin-3 True or False 2. Transcripts of Fos-1a and Fos-1b are equally expressed in anchor cells during invasion _____ 3. Double mutants of cdh-3 and zmp-1 had greater defect in invasion than mutant of him-4 alone ______
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Unformatted text preview: 4. AC specific FOS-1B expression was able to slighty rescue invasiveness _______ 5. fos genes have a role in oncogenesis _______ Short Answer 6. Provide one experimental result that shows that it is FOS-1A that is involved in cell invasion, and not FOS-1B. 7. Suggest one way that c. elegans can become vulvaless? 8. Name 2 of the three targets downstream of Fos-1....
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