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Sample Questions - April 6 - miRNA

Sample Questions - April 6 - miRNA - Does MYC directly...

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Sample Questions for miRNA presentation – April 6 th Presenter: Jason Campbell Which endonuclease cleaves the hair pin turn from the flanking fragments? Which endonuclease cleaves the pre-miRNA in the cytoplasm? What controls the tet-regulatory system? How does nocodazole affect the cells? Which miRNA experienced the most dramatic expression change in cancer versus non-diseased cells? At what stage of the cell cycle does miR-26a induce a cell cycle arrest? Which cyclins are effected? Does miR-26a directly regulate the MYC gene? Which type of staining is used to assess the number of dead cells? Why are shRNA and siRNA therapeutic methods inferior to miRNA?
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Unformatted text preview: Does MYC directly regulate miR-26a? Does MYC directly regulate any mi-RNA? Are miRNA expression levels downregulated or upregulated in cancer cells? Is MYC expression high or low in cancer cells? Why are more cells in the G1 phase after nocodazole treatment? How many cyclins does miR-26a regulate? Do mutations in the binding sites effect the function of miR-26a? Is miR-26a expressed when the gene is included in the non-coding region of another gene (e.g. a promoter)? Is expression different between intronic and exonic derived miR-26a?...
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