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Sample Questions - Biology 430

Sample Questions - Biology 430 - [TESCO 3 What was the...

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Sample Questions Somatic Sex Reprogramming of Adult Ovaries to Testes by FOXL2 Ablation 1. It is evident that Foxl2 regulates Sox9 expression, but Sox9 expression of Foxl2 is questioned. What is a piece of evidence supporting the theory that Sox9 regulates Foxl2 a. Foxl2 expression is increased in Sox9 null mutants b. Foxl2 null mutants do not produce sex-reversed ovaries c. TESCO FOXXL2/ERS1 mutants produce increased levels of SOX9 d. Conditional deletions in Foxl2 result in ovary sex reversal 2. Foxl2 and ERS1 act synergistically to repress Sox9 expression in mice ovaries, by interacting with TESCO. Briefly explain this relationship.
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Unformatted text preview: [TESCO] 3. What was the rationale behind the possibility that Tamoxifen may have triggered the transdifferentiation event? 4. What was mentioned to be a possible application to the findings of this study? 5. SF1(DAX1) is a nuclear receptor protein that is part of the WNT pathway, if it is overexpressed in an XY male it will cause a. Female gonadal development b. Male gonadal development c. Partial reversal of XY male to XY female d. Undifferentiation of the gonads 6. Which ‘female determining’ transcription factor works independently from the WNT pathway a. RSPO1 b. FOXL2 c. FGF4 d. ESR1...
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