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Mariam Mahroos and Joanna Agwa SEPA 1 in the Mediation of Recognition and Degradation of P Granule components by Autophagy Zhang Y., Yan L., and Zhou Z., et al , 2009 Sample Questions 1.) Outline the experimental used to determine whether the p granules accumulating in somatic cells were maternally derived. 2.) GFP labelling was used to tag p granule components in the diagrams below. Explain the
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Unformatted text preview: difference in the accumulation of p granules in the diagrams giving the reason why the accumulation is different. 3.) Recount the pattern of SEPA-1 accumulation and degradation in wild-type C. elegans ( i.e. embryos that have the autophagy mechanism) 4.) How does SEPA-1 mediate the degradation of P granule components? 5.) How did the experimenters find the sepa-1 gene?...
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