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Seminar 8 – Sample Questions Apical localization of wingless transcripts is required for Wingless signaling Simmonds, A.J., dosSantos, G., Livne-Bar, I. and Krause, H.M. 1. What part of the wingless transcript is responsible for apical localization? How was this determined? 2. Three differently localized constructs were developed in a high and low matched set. Which two strains were the best at rescuing null mutants? What does this indicate?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What evidence suggests that wg localization is important for autoregulation? 4. Where are WG proteins made from basal transcription located? a. Apically within the cell b. Basally within the cell c. Apically outside the cell d. Basally outside the cell e. Uniformly throughout and around the cell 5. What’s one possible hypothesis for why apical transcription is required for proper signaling?...
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