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Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter 10 Summary - Chapter 10 Summary Database management...

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Chapter 10 Summary Database management system: is a software that is specifically designed to store, retrieve, and manipulate large amounts of data in an organized and efficient manager. Database: is a collection of one or more tables, each containing data related to a particular topic Table: a logical grouping of related information Primary key – because it uniquely indentifies each department. No two departments can ever have the same department ID Relational model- meaning that relations exits between tables. A relation is a link or relationship that relies on a common field value to join rows from two different tables Foreign key: is a column in one table that references a primary key in another table. There can be multiple occurrences of a foreign key in a table. 0ne-to-mant relationship: along the line connecting the two tables, the 1 and 8 (infinity) symbols indicate 0ne-to-mant relationship. Data binding- to link databases tables to controls on your program’s forms.
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