Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter 11 Summary - Chapter 11 Summary HyperText Markup...

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Chapter 11 Summary HyperText Markup Language: is a standardized language that describes the appearance of pages Active Server Pages: the acronym ASP originally stood for Active Server Pages. It was the first server side web programming technology introduced by Microsoft. ASP.Net: the next generation is called a platform because it provides development tools, code libraries, and visual controls for browser-based applications. Client-server model- which means that an entity called a server products data consumed by another entity called a client. URL- Uniform Resource Locator- is the universal of addressing object and pages on a network. It always starts with a protocol, such as http;//, https:// , or ftp:// Domain name: such as,, or Web Server- the server waits for connection requests which occur two steps: a user running a web browser connects to the server by opening a network connections and passing a URL to the connection or using the URL it receives from the user’s web browser the web server translates the URL into a physical location within the server computer file system. The server reads the requested file, now called a Web Page Button Control: or press enter causing the page contents to be sent back to the Web server. Postback: occurs when the server processes the page contents and resends the modified page to the back browser Web form- which can be identified by its .aspx filename extensions contains text. HTML tag,
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Chapter 11 Summary - Chapter 11 Summary HyperText Markup...

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