Chapter 12 Summary - Chapter 12 Summary 1. a. b. c. d. 1....

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Chapter 12 Summary "Abstract data types and how to create them use classes. 1. Classes and Objects a. Classes: Classes are program structures that define abstract data types and are used to create objects. b. Abstract Data Type: is a data type created by a programmer. E.g. Dog is an abstraction. A specific dog is an instance of that abstraction. c. Class properties, Methods, and Event Procedures : Buttons have properties such as text, name, background color etc. Buttons also have properties like focus(). d. Steps: i. Identify the class: E.g. list of class students that have completed certain courses, need a transcript. In this case the noun and noun phrases e.g. student, courses, transcript all become classes. Similarly verbs e.g. scheduling courses for students can result in a scheduling class. ii. Defining a class: 1. Attributes: What are the attributes of a class. These will be implemented as properties of a class. Attirbutes define properties that are common to all objects of the same class. 2. Methods/Operations: Classes also perform certain activities e.g. humans drive cars, trains, etc. Class Attributes (properties) Operations(methods)
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Chapter 12 Summary - Chapter 12 Summary 1. a. b. c. d. 1....

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